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Potty-training, day one

Posted in children by Kathy on January 18, 2008

Wow. Who’d’ve thunk it? My younger son is wanting to go potty–he’s just 19 months old. I guess he wants to be like his big brother. I was a little tentative about doing this, but I figured, why not? The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work and we stay in diapers until he’s older. (My first son potty-trained around 28 months–I had previously tried cloth training pants, but he didn’t seem to notice the difference between them and his diaper; then one day he happened to be in the house w/his diaper off [had just come in from playing in the sprinkler], and he looked all worried and said, “Oh, no, Mommy, pee-pee!” so I ran with him into the potty, and he went! So I let him go diaper-less when we were at home for several weeks. Now, he gets a dipe when he sleeps, because he usually pees first thing when he wakes up, and I don’t like changing sheets twice a day.)

I’ve heard of “elimination communication” or “infant potty training”–and actually tried it w/my younger son for about a month when he was about 4 months old. It worked well at night–every time he woke up, he peed; and I was about to start trying it during the day, too, when we moved and then came Thanksgiving’s travels, and it was just too much. Then I think it was just easier to change a diaper than really work with him on it, and I let it drop for over a year. Sometimes I’d think about “what if I had kept it up” but for the most part I figured “that ship has sailed” and didn’t worry over it.

So, my little guy woke up this morning about 5, and I was nursing him back to sleep when he started the wiggles, so I asked him if he wanted to go potty, and took him, and he went–and his diaper was dry, too! He happily went back to sleep (but was up and around for a while before I realized it this morning, so I didn’t take him potty first thing). But then I put him in the cloth training pants–it was easier than putting him in a diaper and pulling it off and putting it back on every time. And he stayed dry all day so far–and even pooped in the potty! Wow. He loves to climb up on the potty, maneuver himself on it, and then straddle and dangle. 🙂 He climbs up on the potty, gets down, climbs up again–just loves it. I hope I’m not starting any bad habit here, but I almost think it’d be worth it to have him potty-trained this young.

And it’s obviously something he wants to do–he has cried and pitched fits when I’ve taken him off the potty. I know that he might regress, once the excitement has worn off, but for now I’m still in hope that he might be actually on the road to being diaper-less. Yippee!


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  1. tribalbaby said, on May 12, 2009 at 2:09 am


    Good luck with your son!

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    It’s Part Time Diaper Free – to emphasize the flexibility of this gentle way of connecting with our babies.


    I have the http://www.tribalbaby.org site also

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