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Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on January 23, 2008

Today, I had to take our cat Jack in to the vet to be put down. He’s had some issues lately, but I think he got into something he shouldn’t have. Over the summer, he lost weight, which at first I attributed to his being outside a lot and running around (he usually loses weight in the summer); but then I took him to the vet and they said he likely had worms, and gave him some medicine. He seemed to do better, but within another few months seemed to be worse, so I got him some more medicine. This time it didn’t seem to help him much at all; but he didn’t get worse either. This past month or so, he’s gotten little scabs on his head and neck, and my husband and I were trying to figure out what had caused it–mites, nutritional deficiency, some weird health problem? We have another cat who is completely unaffected by whatever Jack had–in fact, he’s so fat he probably needs some worms (j/k!). We were thinking about getting some kitty vitamins, or wondering if we should take him into the vet. But he’s been pooping in the house (so we had to kick him out–sometimes entirely, other times letting him just into the laundry room where there is linoleum), and I didn’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on finding out what was wrong with him and fixing it (or not being able to), and have a cat that we can’t let inside. I was hoping for a kind of d-i-y solution. This morning, though, he was completely altered. I knew something was drastically wrong–that he was dying. Yesterday, he had spent all day curled up on this box in the laundry room, and I assumed that he had just found that to be a comfortable place to sleep, and got back up there after eating or whatever. Now, I think he had not moved at all. I found him on the floor behind the door, and he was cool to the touch but still breathing. When I picked him up, he meowed as if in pain, so my husband said we needed to put him out of his misery. (Jack was his cat, anyway, before we got married, so I knew I couldn’t make that decision without his say-so.) I really thought he would die by the time I got to the vet (after getting two toddlers and myself ready); and at one point on the car ride, I thought he had died. He was most pitiful. We made the right decision. He probably would have died in a few hours anyway, but I would have hated to have seen him suffer any more. Just a few days ago, he seemed his normal self–trying to run into the house every time we opened the door; but today he couldn’t even lift up his head. He was a good, sweet cat (until he started using the carpet as a litter box), and loved to curl up with us when we slept. We’ll miss him.

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