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Infertility Hope?

Posted in infertility by Kathy on February 2, 2008

I’ve come across a lot of blogs lately from women who are suffering or have suffered from infertility. I came across this website that sounds promising, so thought I’d just pass it on, in case it may help someone. One blog I read just today was from a woman who has a good chance of having a baby if they can afford their half of the infertility treatment. My thought is that couples in this situation can at least try this method (or whatever you want to call it) while they are saving money for the very expensive fertility treatments. Or perhaps they can use this in conjunction with their current treatments. Anyway, it can’t hurt to look at it. (FWIW, I have no connection with this website in any way, shape, or form; and no experience with it either. But thought it might help.) It also says that it may help with recurrent miscarriage. Just from slight browsing through the website, it looks like they look at several aspects of the woman’s body, reproductive cycle, etc., and from the signs that she has, determines what sort of treatments may be beneficial (including extra vitamins, or needing progesterone to maintain a pregnancy). Anyway, there are side bars on pre-term birth, PMS, PPD, etc., as well.


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