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Misunderstanding Feminists

Posted in abortion by Kathy on February 9, 2008

The other day, I happened across a blog that bemoaned several things, but two in particular stuck out to me. The first is that the author was whining that women weren’t supporting Hillary Clinton just because she’s a female. Now, to decide if something is truly sexist (or racist, or any other -ist out there), it’s pretty easy just to reverse the wording and see if it sounds bad that way. What if this were a man suggesting that all men should support Barack Obama, just because he’s male? Sound bad? It is–and it isn’t any worse than her comment. Now, look at it this way, to see if it looks sexist from another perspective–suppose a man suggested that women were supporting Hillary Clinton simply because she’s a woman. Doesn’t sound quite as bad, but it still doesn’t sound good. Can you imagine the outcry from feminists across the nation? “What do you mean?! You think we don’t understand the issues?!? Do you really think that we would support someone simply because she’s a female??” Here’s yet a third way to look at this–suppose that Condoleeza Rice or some other prominent female Republican were running for office–should women support her, regardless of where she stands on the issues, simply because she’s a woman? This feminist simply didn’t understand how unthinking her remarks were!

The title of the blog was something along the lines of “What Women Forget.” Most of the post centered on various liberal-feminist causes, and wondered aloud why people just weren’t doing something about it. The first one, though, was complaining about abortion. She got a dig against Republicans, wishing out loud for some woman to come forward saying she had gotten pregnant by a now-prominent Republican but had had an abortion. She also said that every woman she knew had had an abortion and most were because the baby’s father wouldn’t support the mother or his child. That just gets under my skin, plain and simple. Oh, yes, it’s all the man’s fault: “Woe is me; I’m too dumb to keep my legs together, so now I’m knocked up and guess what–that guy that wouldn’t commit to marriage still won’t commit to marriage, and I don’t want to be a single mom, so I’ll just kill my baby–but it’s his fault.” I’m not absolving men from their responsibilities–don’t get me wrong! These chickens that make babies and fly the coop don’t deserve to be called “men.” But everybody knows that most men are after one thing, and most men won’t turn it down when it’s so freely offered and available. They should; but they won’t. And feminism, with its “sexual revolution” has played right into the lowest impulses of men, and has degraded women more than any man could. But instead of the women taking responsibility for their own actions, and maintaining the integrity of their own bodies, they have cheapened themselves in the name of freedom. Then they complain about men not taking responsibility.

So I wrote a comment to the blog, in which I played on the title of the post, but went deeper to the root of the problem with abortion–that women put out, to be blunt. But I phrased it in such a way that the feminist author misunderstood the point of my post. I said something along the lines of, “How soon women forget that they are the ones that let men into their bodies and make the babies in the first place without the commitment of marriage.” She commented after me that I said it more eloquently than she could. But she missed the point, I’m afraid. My point was that starting after the baby has been conceived is too late–and that’s what abortion-proponents do. They whine and moan about single moms, and women on welfare, and men shirking their responsibility…..but they will not address the root problem–cheap sex! When conservatives try to implement abstinence programs, the liberals and feminists pitch a hissy-fit. But it works.

Pro-lifers can make things better for themselves if they start addressing this root issue, as well. Both sides tend to start after the baby has been conceived; abortion proponents then talk about the dreadful inconvenience this new life will have on the mother, and that it would be better for everybody (except, obviously, the baby who is about to be murdered in his mother’s womb) if the mother just not have to deal with this right now. Pro-life advocates talk about the precious human life that is developing so wonderfully and marvelously in his mother’s womb, and that this unborn child should have the right to live. But both sides start too late. Although it is true that an unwanted child can be dreadfully inconvenient, that’s not the point! It’s also true that we have the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and this should include the smallest humans, but again that’s not the point! The point is that women are smart enough to know what causes pregnancy; they know that every time they have sex, it is a possibility, even if they use birth control, and even if it isn’t the right time of the month, because things happen. They also should know, as previous generations have known, that men are only as good and self-controlled as women make them be; so when women give sex without requiring commitment….well, men just do not commit. That should be no surprise.

I support a woman’s right to choose. But once she’s chosen to have sex, she has to deal with the consequences. Her baby shouldn’t have to die simply because she wouldn’t keep her pants up.


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  1. existere said, on February 10, 2008 at 8:02 pm


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