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Biblical Christianity versus other religions

Posted in Christianity by Kathy on February 21, 2008

From Toplady, as quoted by William Button in Remarks on A Treatise Entitled The Gospel of Christ Worthy of all Acceptation, In A Series of 13 Letters To A Friend. Letter 4:

That the religion of Jesus Christ stands eminently distinguished, and essentially differenced, from every other religion that was ever proposed to human reception, by this remarkable peculiarity: that, look abroad in the world, and you will find that every religion, except one, puts you upon doing something in order to recommend yourself to God. A Mahometan expects to be saved by his works. A Papist looks to be justified by his works. A Free-willer hopes for salvation by his works, compliances, endeavours and perseverance. A Pagan, if he believes that there is a future state, expects to be happy hereafter, by virtue of the supposed good he does, and of the evil he leaves undone. A Mystic has the same hope, and stands on the same sad foundation. It is only the religion of Christ which runs counter to all the rest, by affirming that we are saved, and called with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to the Father’s own purpose and grace, which was (not sold to us on certain conditions to be fulfilled by ourselves, but was) given us in Christ before the world began. Toplady’s Sermon on James 2:19, p. 49-50.


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  1. Graham Nicholson said, on February 29, 2008 at 5:23 am

    For a Baha’i such as myself, individual salvation lies both in acceptance of all the Manifestations of the one supreme God, including Jesus Christ and the Founder/Prophet of the Baha’i faith Baha’u’llah (1819-1892), and obedience to the teachings of the Manifestation of God. Both are inherent in the duty on each person to know and to worship God. Those teachings include the obligation to conform to the Will of God, which includes making best efforts to observe the virtues of God in a person’s own life. If a person sincerely believes in the divine and has faith, that person will automatically wish to do his or her best to follow the divine teachings. The two are inseparable.
    Best wishes

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