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Popcorn and Bubblegum

Posted in Christianity by Kathy on February 25, 2008

My former pastor, Elder Hassell Wallis, used to say, “If it takes popcorn and bubblegum to get people into church, it’ll take popcorn and bubblegum to keep ’em in church.” He was, of course, referring to worldly programs used to get people interested in Christ, as if He were not of sufficient interest alone. What happens to churches who are filled with people who come for the youth program or children’s church or any of the other outward trappings of so many modern churches? If Christ is not the object–if the youth program or something else is–then these churches have lost their focus. They may have a lot of members, and a full auditorium most Sundays, but is God really being worshiped? Or is man exalting an idol in God’s place, and worshiping the creature and not the Creator? I invite you to listen to this message preached by our pastor yesterday for some food for thought on this subject.


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