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The abortion-racism phone calls

Posted in abortion by Kathy on March 6, 2008

Most of you have probably heard the phone calls to abortion clinics from a man who wanted to donate money to be used for a black woman’s abortion, specifically so that there would be fewer black people in the world. I’m not sure if it’s gotten much press on the mainstream media (we don’t have a TV), but I’ve read about it on several wordpress blogs, so figure that if you’re reading mine, you’ve read theirs already.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this, because I could tell by listening to the Planned Parenthood employees that they were not happy with the guy’s motives, but were trying to be polite. They sounded disgusted to me, and it is disgusting! But I hope it makes these employees think, and these women think, before they get an abortion. This guy’s stated motive was racist; but what if it wasn’t? The longest phone call recorded had a woman named Ashley, who kept phrasing the donation in terms of “helping an African-American woman afford an abortion” whenever the guy would phrase it in terms of “abortion of a black baby so there would be fewer black people in the world.” But what if the guy had been black and was donating money to “help an African-American woman afford an abortion”? The end result is the same–a black baby would be killed prenatally, and there would be one less black person born in the world. Does the guy’s motive really matter that much, when the end result is the same? I hope that these women who work for Planned Parenthood (or would go to their clinics), who are disgusted by this guy’s racist motive for paying for a black woman’s abortion would realize that they are participating in exactly the same thing. They are angry for the guy wanting “fewer black people in the world” while they are causing fewer black people to be born in the world.

I mentioned my qualms about this “gotcha” tape to my husband, and he made an analogy that was quite striking. He said, “What if a white guy called in to John McCain’s campaign headquarters, donating money ‘so that a black man or a woman wouldn’t be President’ and a campaign worker said, ‘Oh, that’s completely understandable,’ and laughed–which is what the woman on the tape said about killing black fetuses. Can you imagine the field day the liberals would have with that?” And it’s true. Even if the campaign worker had sounded completely repulsed, the words would be repeated over and over, while the liberal news media would blast the McCain camp for being racist. What’s the difference?


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