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My sweet boys

Posted in children by Kathy on March 27, 2008

My two boys are 19 months apart in age. My older son (Keith) is nearly 3&1/2, and my younger son (Seth) will be two at the end of May. They have their share of squabbles. Several times a day I have had to “rescue” Seth from Keith, because Seth had the audacity to actually want to play with some of the toys, or read some of the books. I mean, how dare he?? 🙂 Keith has been known to pull Seth bodily down, and hold him down (lying on top of him if necessary) to keep him from the prized possession(s). So life can be hectic sometimes, to say the least.

But then there are the times (which are the ones I try to keep in mind), when Keith is so sweet to Seth. The other day my husband gave Keith a couple of candies (M&Ms or something small), and he immediately ran to Seth and gave him one of them! We never prompted him to do it — in fact, it never crossed my mind.

Now, if I could just get him to share his toys…


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