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The Big Bang

Posted in Christianity by Kathy on March 31, 2008

Previously, I mentioned Fred Heeren’s book Show Me God, in which he discusses the Big Bang Theory of the beginning of the universe. The good side of the book demonstrates that the world’s top scientists in their fields have no explanation for the origin of the universe other than a creator of some sort — something outside the universe must have started it at some point, must have created the matter at some point, and must have minutely controlled everything in the Big Bang in order to get the universe as we know it today. In my other post, I mentioned some of my problems I had with this theory, and this Christian man accepting this theory, along with the theory of evolution including millions of years of death prior to man’s existence (and subsequent sin, which according to Romans is what brought death into existence in this world).

Now, I’ve come across an excellent resource from the standpoint of creation. It’s a book available online, or you can buy a hard copy. Anyway, I’ve just gotten to the point where the author discusses the Big Bang, and the many problems and errors it has with it. Since just glancing at it revealed so much of the same terminology and predictions that Mr. Heeren used in his book to show that the Big Bang theory is scientifically sound (which I didn’t believe), but does so in a way to disprove it, I thought I’d link to it.


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  1. Jennifer Johnson said, on May 5, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    I am very interested in finding out more of your ideas and reasonings which appear to contradict some of Freds beliefs that clearly cause people to doubt our bible.
    I have been, for a couple of years now, trying to ‘undo’ the damage that was caused by Freds Scientific theories as he considers it with Christianity. As a mother I can assure you that for the last couple of years, a day never passes when I don’t feel pain for my son who redirected his college pursuits to science/biology after spending time with Fred. I pray for my son daily. I thank God that He knows my son and what his spiritual needs are as a christian. Chad went from being a ‘Christian’ who debated with various science professionals and most of the time just bloggers who reject Christianity, to a young man (24) who bases his reasons for why he now rejects Chritianity on Fred Hereens theories and ideas. I have talked to Mr. Hereen a few times and I am not understanding why he feels so compelled to write/publish, teach and tell young adults their parents and Pastors are wrong. (my son was 20 when he and Fred met), Please tell me what I can do to help my son!! I am in no way versed enough to understand most of the more challenging spectrums of Science/biology but I am a mother who is willing to spend how ever many hours it takes to unerstand. Fred keeps telling me that my son is intelligent and now knows the truth. Even Fred is correct….why in the world does he make people who are not scientifically knowledgable, become doubtful of Christianty (God) whether or not they are Chritians. What purpose is there in focusing all of his intelligence and energy on trying to bring ideas which could change the bible and mans minds and hearts. Why spend your life (AS A CHRISTIAN LEADER)bringing such confusion and doubt to the forefront? If he is convinced that there is so much that we are not capapble of unersstanding, why in the world would he try and modify the very word of God? Let’s say Fred is right, SO WHAT. He has done nothing at all except bring people (like my son) who may question Christianty and who need spiritual encouragment and direction from older Christian leaders, to find substance in their doubts. My son had always been such a faithful Christian who, upon starting college, questioned some aspects of Christianty. He said he would never, ever denounce his christianity until he met Fred. Oh please help me to understand. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Kathy said, on May 5, 2008 at 4:13 pm


    This deeply saddens me. I had not thought of that aspect of this before. I guess I considered Fred Heeren’s book possibly might bring people out of atheism to Christianity (even if they retained belief in evolution, to change from atheistic to theistic evolution), but not to bring people out of Christianity to atheism, agnosticism, or some other religion. It is possible that Mr. Heeren is a misguided Christian; or it’s possible that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It disturbs me that he seems so unconcerned with leading people away from Christianity — as if belief in the Big Bang and in evolution is more important than belief in God and Jesus Christ.

    I grew up in a Bible-believing church and Christian school. We were taught some of the biggest problems with the theory of evolution; but since that time, I have come across different theories and more insidious “logic” and hypotheses and theories, and I struggle with those as well. Part of the problem is that the language and terminology they use is jargon, and seems almost designed to cover up the problems, rather than to elucidate the science. And they dismiss wholesale any contentions by creationists that show problems with evolution. (For instance, they get around the law of biogenesis by redefining it.)

    It is like the old theories of planetary motion — before it was believed in the larger scientific community that the planets (including the earth) all rotated around the sun, scientists came up with ever more complex theories to explain the planets’ “wandering” through the sky. You can look up “epicycles”, Galileo, and Kepler for more information on that. But it turns out that planetary motion is rather simple; but if you start from the error that the earth is the center of the universe, with everything revolving around it, you’ll never reach the simple truth. It’s the same way with evolution — they have so many levels of complexity to deal with the various difficulties that their theories cause, that it’s almost mind-boggling.

    The link that I gave at the top of this post (creationscience.com) is an all-around excellent resource when dealing with the topic of evolution, the origin of life, and the origin of the solar system. At the end of the book (which is available free on-line), the author has several questions for creationists to ask evolutionists, which might be helpful for you in your situation. I also am not well-versed enough to take on those who have devoted years of study to evolution; but there are those who are. Some resources (in addition to the above website), are the following books: The Genesis Flood, by Whitcomb and Morris; Darwin’s Black Box, by Michael Behe; as well as The Creation Museum.

    What you can do to help your son is to pray for him. In 2 Cor. 4:4, it says that the god of this world has blinded the minds of those who do not believe. God has the power to overcome Satan. Prayer is powerful. You can read the above resources, and challenge his beliefs. It may be that he will need to discuss this with a creation scientist, because he probably can “talk circles around you” with his evolutionist ideas. I recently had a round with an evolutionist in which he said I was ignorant of what the theories of evolution said/meant. I quoted evolutionists to prove my point, and he dismissed it, basically saying that I could find anything online if I looked long enough. (And these things were simple, basic, bedrock evolutionistic things, as far as I’m concerned — that evolution claims that creatures evolved in order of increasing complexity, for instance.) My husband who was taught evolution in public school and college, but now of course believes in creation, said that he was taught exactly what I had said. So, basically, this evolutionist was saying that “real” evolutionary theory doesn’t teach the things that are commonly taught in today’s science textbooks. This made it difficult when arguing with him, because anything I said that is commonly reported as being part and parcel of evolutionary theory, he basically said was not, or was ignorance on my part, or was skewed in some way. Basically, we had no common ground to even start a discussion because of this.

    I trust that if your son is one of God’s children, that He will lead him back to the truth in time; and I will pray to that end.

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