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Misconceptions about pro-life

Posted in abortion, Christianity by Kathy on April 16, 2008

There have been many abortion-related blog posts lately that have had the refrain, “The problem with people who are pro-life is that they are just against abortion, but what do they do for these mothers or babies?” The implication, of course, being that if someone who wishes that abortion were illegal (except to save the mother’s life), then that person must be willing to accept the “burden” of the baby whose life is spared because the mother could not have an abortion.

Of course, the problem with that is that there are all sorts of laws that make it illegal for people to engage in certain activities, without regard to arranging for contingencies: thievery is illegal; it is not up to honest people to freely hand out money to would-be thieves in order for thievery to be illegal. That’s the same logic.

However, for those who still say that in order for a person to stand against abortion, he or she must be willing to take on the burden of these babies, here is an article about a woman who does just that. Since 1995, she and her husband have had 92 foster babies — most of them for just a few weeks, until the birth mother decides for sure whether she is going to raise the baby herself or put the baby up for adoption. The woman is white; most of these babies have been biracial or black. And the primary reason that the husband gave for being a foster parent (or “interim parent”) is so that the woman won’t have an abortion.


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