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My son’s amazing memory

Posted in children by Kathy on May 1, 2008

As I stated in an earlier post, we don’t have a TV. Our kids watch DVDs that we have whenever we let them, and they’ll watch TV at my mom’s house (usually her videos or stuff she’s recorded on her DVR/TiVo thing of kids’ stuff — Little Bear, Franklin, etc.) I’m having a yard sale this weekend, and am going through stuff today. My 3-year-old saw a shirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. We don’t have Disney stuff, except a few Pooh items. Years ago when the AFA boycotted Disney, I joined the boycott, and have never gone back to Disney. It’s a personal thing — I don’t like a lot of their movies that are marketed towards kids. I could be a tad stronger, but not by much. So, we don’t have anything with Mickey Mouse on it, nor has he ever seen any Mickey Mouse TV shows… except for one. Last year. In mid-June we went to a family reunion and on the way stayed with one of my husband’s brothers and his family. Part of their son’s normal morning routine was watching the Disney cable channel, and a Mickey Mouse show came on. So my son was of course glued to the tube the whole time we were at their house, and saw this show. Back to today — my son saw this picture of Mickey Mouse and asked “Who’s that?” I told him, “Mickey Mouse.” He said, “He had to get the duck with the balloons…” and then proceeded to tell me the story line. He didn’t know any of the characters’ names, of course, but what happened was Daisy Duck had floated off with a big bunch of balloons, and the rest of the characters had to save her. He remembered that they had to ride a bike to get the duck back from the balloons — they chased after her on a bike to keep her in sight. I wouldn’t have remembered the story, except when he told me, it triggered my memory. But how in the world could he have remembered that plot from ten and a half months ago?? And he can’t remember not to hit his little brother, or to put his toys away, or…..


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  1. enjoybirth said, on May 5, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    Kathy, I finally added your personal blog to my google reader and have been enjoying your insights. 🙂
    My 10 yo has a memory that is crazy like that. We were at Red Robin and there was a poster of the Chicago Worlds Fair. Devon said, “You read a book about that once. What was that about again?” I told him about the cool things from that worlds fair. He said, “Wasn’t there a murderer too?” (The book was Devil in the White City.) I said yes, how do you know. Devon -“Once you were talking about it on the phone with a friend before your book club.” Ok, I cheked my records and that was in August of 2005, over 2 1/2 years ago, he remembers a conversation he overhears. Craziness.

    It helps to remind me that he is always watching and learning, so I need to be on my best behavior.

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