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Ten Things I love about Seth

Posted in children by Kathy on May 13, 2008

Here’s the one I did for my older son, and now here’s the one for Seth:

  1. his sweet smile — so charming! He thinks he can get away with anything!! (and a lot of times, he’s right)
  2. his needing to cuddle — he seems to have a “cuddle quotient” that must be filled in order to go to sleep. If I hug him for a few minutes before bedtime, he goes easily to sleep on his own
  3. how he looks up to his big brother and tries to imitate him — sometimes I just call him “Ditto” because it seems like he’s always following right behind Keith
  4. how he mimics my husband — yesterday in our little backyard pool, my husband laid down in the water to get his head completely wet, and Seth did just the same, except he wouldn’t put his head under water
  5. his attachment to his blankie, and specifically, the tag of his blanket; I don’t get it, but he loves it!
  6. that he initiated potty-training
  7. how his chubby booty looks without a diaper
  8. how he says “mingers” for “fingers”
  9. that he can count to ten and recognize all the numbers, including  “be-oh” (zero)
  10. how much he loves me!!!

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