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Gardening woes

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on May 17, 2008

In a previous post I talked about planting my garden. I guess I should have mentioned that I have a black thumb? Because apparently, I do. My brother’s garden looks awesome, and my mom’s looks pretty good too. Mine, on the other hand, does not. Here’s the deal — we all used the same broccoli plants, and my brother’s are a foot high at least, and nice and bushy, with little broccoli florets forming already. My mom’s look probably about half as good. And mine? Well, they have grown an inch or two since I transplanted them several weeks ago. Most of the other plants are also getting a bit yellow. And I know the soil has to be good, because I mixed up topsoil, compost, leaves, and a bit of the soil from the garden. It’s possible the dirt is too acidic or lime or whatever. However, I think the main thing is that I’ve over-watered.

You see, last year I neglected the garden and didn’t water it enough, so this year, I was determined not to let that happen. I wanted to make sure that the area where I put the transplants was good and moist. And I think I gave it too much water. I was thinking it was a possibility a week or so ago, and then lately we’ve had a lot of rain, and my garden flooded!

You see, we don’t have a tiller, so I just dug plots to put the plants in — cultivating only that dirt that the plant would use. That was probably all fine and dandy, but one section I dug ended up being an inch or so lower than the rest — I dug out more dirt than I put back in. So it collected water, and the plants were too small to put more dirt in, because then I’d bury them. I dug a hole next to it for the water to drain into, but with the tremendous amount of rain we’ve had lately, that filled up in no time, and the garden still flooded. So I had to bail out the hole a few times. I may put a ridge of dirt up on the edge of the garden, because apparently the entire lawn slopes down towards the garden plot. Since the rest of the lawn and garden area is hard-packed dirt (yeah, we have grass, but it’s not cultivated; and the garden spot is just packed down), the water just runs off… until it reaches my nice, soft, prepared soil… where it drains into the cultivated spots and fills them up and drowns my plants. Sigh…

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