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Committing “baby adultery”

Posted in children by Kathy on May 24, 2008

Don’t worry — this is a light-hearted post.

Yesterday I had a yard sale, and a woman came by with a 7-month-old baby. I offered to hold the baby while she browsed through the stuff I was selling, because she didn’t yet trust the baby to be able to sit by himself, and was struggling to hold the baby and shop.

Well, when my 23&3/4-month-old saw me holding this other baby, he was obviously upset and jealous. He’s a mama’s boy anyway, and almost never sees me holding another baby — he’s always in my arms, for one thing, and when I get my arms free from him, I rarely get the impulse to pick up another child — I rather enjoy having my hands free! 🙂

I was sitting down holding the other baby, and my son glares at him, and looks at me askance. I was “cheating on him” — committing “baby adultery,” you see? About that time the mother took her baby back, and immediately, Seth scurried into my lap and sat down. Then he looked triumphantly at the other baby, as if to say, “HAH! I got MY mommy back!”


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