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After an abortion…

Posted in abortion by Kathy on June 5, 2008

….this baby survived anyway. And after the abortion (that didn’t succeed in ending the pregnancy, or the baby’s life), the parents decided to let the baby live. And after the abortion (that didn’t kill the baby), the mother gave birth to the baby. And after the birth, the mother said, “Now he’s here I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

How many women who undergo an abortion would love their children and raise these children, had they not had an abortion?


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  1. Dorothy Snyder said, on August 10, 2008 at 5:12 am

    I wanted to comment on this one. I have commented before on various sites and couldn’t believe how many people were for abortion.

    I have thought about this subject long and hard since being in the position I am in.

    Sometimes it seems that the people who are for abortion talk about a woman has more rights than a mere fetus. As if labeling it a fetus they might as well labeled it a lump of tissue. What gets me is that I looked up fetus in the dictionary and it said “offspring”. Offspring means child.
    So by calling it a fetus they still didn’t get away with labeling the baby as a piece of nothing.

    And another thing on some of the boards I have been on some of the woman who believed in abortion and calling the child just a fetus turned up pregnant years later. However they wanted a child then so even in the early stages of pregnancy they were calling it a baby. UGH! I can’t see how they can go back and forth with being so cold about it if they didn’t want the child but acting like they are growing a precious new baby when they wanted a child. I think they need to make cards for these kind of woman when they have their babies to say “Congratulations on the birth of your fetus.” But for some reason I can never find those cards in stores.

  2. I think most women if they were able would keep their babies…but there are many circumstances under which women make those descisions.

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