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What a great idea!

Posted in frugal by Kathy on June 12, 2008

Michigan, and especially Detroit, have been hit hard financially. Many homes have been foreclosed on, many derelict houses and apartments have been closed and the lots cleared. What to do with the empty space? Grow a garden, of course!

In The Tightwad Gazette books which were written about a dozen years ago, at least one person wrote in to say that she was able to garden in the city because she was allowed to grow a garden in an abandoned or empty lot. She got permission from either the owner (if it was empty) or the city (if it was abandoned). This is taking it large-scale. Twenty properties in Detroit have now been turned into gardens. I don’t know who supplied the plants or seeds, nor the labor; but the city is providing the water, and I guess the area’s residents are working the gardens.

Here’s the link to the full story, which has more information; but one of the many good things that has already come out of this, is that communities seem to be coming together. The gardens aren’t fenced off — anybody is free to come in and work and get the produce. And people do come. When people see their neighbors out there, they go out there too. It’s getting communities to be, well, “communities” again. Another benefit is that these gardens aren’t being vandalized, the way so many empty houses are.

The person who started this in Detroit (which hopes to expand the program in the future), is already planning to do this in several other cities as well. Cool!


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