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Long time, no blog!

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on July 20, 2008

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written on this! My computer time has been devoted to my other blogs; and my off-computer time has been devoted to getting my house ready to sell. Yep, we finally did it — talked to the Realtor yesterday and it’ll be going on the market tomorrow. My husband’s job is an hour’s drive from where we live, and that’s just an awful lot of time and gas spent for nothing, really. He has to get up so early, and then he’s so tired when he comes home that we can never do anything around here; and he can’t do anything in the community where he teaches, because it’s too far away!

I’ll have to write sometime about our trip; but before we left, my younger son broke several keys on the laptop (he was hungry, so got into everything — he’s just horrible when he gets hungry — I guess he’s hypoglycemic?), and I wasn’t able to fix the “t”, so I have to press it really hard, which is annoying. (Do you have any idea how many times you use the “t” in an average sentence?!) We’ve got a replacement keyboard, but haven’t fixed it yet. My regular computer got the “BSOD” (blue screen of death) just a few days after we came home, and I couldn’t figure it out (it wouldn’t repair and it wouldn’t boot up all the way to Windows — even in safe mode), so I reinstalled Windows XP… which wiped out everything on my computer. Fortunately, most of my files were on an external drive, but my bookmarks were all deleted, which really sucks. Also, the home network will have to be reconfigured, and I don’t feel like doing that, and loading up again all the programs (like Office, and whatever else I have that makes my computer usable). So, I decided to free up some space for showing the house, and put it in a closet. My house looks great, though, I will say that. I’ve boxed up so much stuff that really is just clutter. So, my closets are full, but my house will be much easier to keep clean and neat-looking.


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