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Ah, that’s better!

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on July 21, 2008

I just replaced my laptop’s keyboard, and it’s so lovely to be able to type as many t’s as I want!

Before going on our trip, while I was busy getting stuff ready, I unfortunately forgot about my two-year-old’s stomach. When he gets hungry, he gets grumpy. Apparently, he also gets destructive! I was getting the spare room ready for my mother-in-law, so the doors were open to it, and Seth went in and pulled off the thermostat cover (which was located right above the head of the bed) and pulled the little metal coil that operates the turning on and off function of the A/C. It was very bad out of whack, because the little slider was up as high as it could go (95), and the room was cool (75-ish) but the A/C was still running full blast! Then, while I was fixing that, I heard my other son say, “Oh, no! Seff is getting Daddy’s waptop!” So I come downstairs and find that he has pulled off several of the keys, including t, y, u, i, and ].

I was able to replace some of them completely, and able to repair the rest (except the t) enough to have a smooth typing surface; but the t was broken beyond repair. I investigated getting just a replacement “t” but found that one letter cost only 1/3 as much as getting a full keyboard. Someone on the website I was looking at recommended (wisely, I think) getting the full replacement keyboard, and then if you ever need any more keys, you can just pop them off of the old keyboard and pop them onto the new one. Which is what we’ll do.

I was waiting for my husband to actually replace it, because he’s more of the “computer guy” — has built a few of his own computers and my desktop computer as well. This is also his laptop (which he uses for school), so I was afraid of messing it up. So I was waiting for him; and finally today he needed to use the laptop to find a file on it, and then started typing on it and told me that I needed to replace the keyboard so that the “t” would work. Sigh… I explained to him that I was afraid of messing it up, and he said, “But you’re better at this sort of thing than I am.” Which is true.

It took a while to do it, but most of that time was because I read and reread and reread the directions, and then proceeded slowly and carefully (rereading the directions again every step) because I was so afraid of frying the laptop. The actual hands-on time was probably less than five minutes. The worst part (aside from the mental hurdle of prying off parts of the laptop and delving into the depths below), was unhooking the keyboard connector — it just said “unlatch the connector” and I was afraid of breaking the thing because it didn’t come off easily, and I couldn’t figure out for sure which of the little things was the part of the connector I was supposed to unlatch. But I finally did it, and then it was extremely simple just to put it all back together — just reversing the steps.

I was still trepidacious when I turned it back on — I held my breath until it logged on. I was actually pretty scared it wouldn’t even turn on — that I had fried it or hadn’t put it back together right; but it booted up just fine. The way my husband has it set up, you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log on, so once I did that and it worked, I knew the keyboard was actually working.

And now, I can tell it’s really working. Ah! much better!

See, I’m pretty loquacious in speaking and in typing, and it’s been a hamper to me, not to be able to freely use the “t”. I’ve reworded some sentences, and left a lot unsaid, simply because I didn’t want to mash the “t” so much. It’s so refreshing to be able to use the “t” so easily now! Both a capital T and a little t — see? no problems!! 🙂

T t T t T t T t T t (just because I can!)


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