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Big step forward

Posted in children by Kathy on August 26, 2008

(When I install the scanner onto the computer, I’ll attach the picture of Keith’s picture that he drew, but now just for historical purposes, I’ll blog about it.)

Up until yesterday, whenever Keith had drawn anything, it was just a mass of squiggles and lines and circles — all connected, all jumbled, no rhyme nor reason. He would say things like, “Look, this is Little Bear, and this is Emily…” but you couldn’t tell one from another — he did a pretty good impression of a skein of yarn, but that’s about it. 🙂

Yesterday, though, he sat down and drew recognizable characters — they were wavy, irregular circles for faces and/or bodies, with big round eyes (and nose… and mouths) — but they were all separate! And distinguishable as figures; as attempts by a not-quite four-year-old, pretty darn good. My husband wants to frame it. 🙂

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