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I thought this was interesting

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on August 27, 2008

Although the post is over a year old, it quotes scientists admitting that they don’t know if HIV causes AIDS. I’ve heard other scientists and doctors say that over the years — including one who offered to be injected with HIV, because he was so confident it wouldn’t progress into AIDS. One person commented after this post saying that the sickest he ever was (after being diagnosed HIV+), was when he was taking his full anti-AIDS medication. The blogger said that anti-AIDS drugs actually break down the body’s natural defenses (or something — I just scanned it, not giving a doctoral dissertation on it), so that they become more vulnerable to the progression of the disease.

I remember one case of a woman who was diagnosed HIV+, and her 4 children were tested — two had it, two did not. (I think she was pregnant w/#4 at the time of the diagnosis, and he was tested some time after birth; but her youngest child at the time was HIV-positive.) Anyway, she gave her daughter (#3) anti-AIDS drugs, and saw her succumb very miserably to the full ravages of the disease, with the medications causing serious discomfort and pain (I believe one of the drugs was a steroid or corticosteroid that made her bloated and uncomfortable). Well, when her youngest child was diagnosed, the woman declined to have that child put on the drugs, because not only did they not help her child, but she felt that they hastened her death, and made her miserable for the rest of her short life. The state took her to court, to try to force her to give her son the drugs (or take custody from her, and give him to foster parents who would give him the drugs), saying she was endangering her child’s life. (I saw this on Dateline probably 10 years ago, and I think she was in Pennsylvania.) She successfully fought off that lawsuit, with the judge basically saying that she had already lost one child to AIDS even though she had followed the medical experts’ advice, so she had every reason to assume her second child would follow in the same footsteps. Basically, her first child died, and if her second child was going to die with or without “treatment”, and that treatment was going to be devastating to his health and wellbeing, then the child should be allowed to die naturally without all that pain, caused by the medications. At the time the show aired, the child had already lived longer (without any apparent health effects from AIDS) than his sister did who had the full “benefit” of modern medicine.

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