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Not for them to say

Posted in politics by Kathy on September 8, 2008

In the wake of Sarah Palin’s nomination to the GOP VP spot, there has been a significant outcry from her liberal opponents, saying things that are not for them to say. These things include such statements about her working while having young children still at home, including one baby with Down Syndrome; and about her daughter being pregnant, as being a sign that she is not an attentive mother. These things are sheer hypocrisy for them to say.

I can say them. She ought to be home with her kids. But she’s an excellent choice for VP, and I think I’m going to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. Had he gone with any other candidate whose name was being kicked around (especially such liberals as Joe Lieberman or Mitt Romney), I could not have voted for him; and would have “thrown my vote away” on a third party candidate, in hopes of waking up the Republican Party to the fact that they’re getting too far away from their conservative base.

But for feminists and liberals who have shouted and practically screamed for years that women can work full-time, with their children not suffering and their home-life not suffering, to all of a sudden say that this woman ought to be home with her kids is sheer hypocrisy. They’ve also been saying that abstinence-only education doesn’t work; and that you can’t keep kids from having sex, so just give ’em all condoms. And now when the eldest Miss Palin turns up knocked up, they’re saying that her becoming pregnant is a sign of parental neglect. Huh? I thought it didn’t matter! I thought that kids didn’t listen to parents! I thought you can’t keep kids from having sex!

I daresay there are many causes of and reasons for teen pregnancy (I mean, of course, the reasons behind teen sex, which is in one sense the only real cause of teen pregnancy), and parental neglect may be one of them. But it’s probably just one cause, and this young lady getting pregnant does not prove that Mrs. Palin is a neglectful parent. Even if she were, it is hypocrisy for the liberals to say that. Conservatives can, because that’s repeating the mantra and beliefs of conservativism. But it’s anti-liberal to say these things.

So, what is it, libs? Is teen pregnancy caused by neglectful parenting? If so, then you must change your dogmatic beliefs about the root causes of teen pregnancy, and do more than preach “comprehensive sex education” and handing out condoms. Should women stay at home with their kids? If so, then you must change your dogmatic beliefs about mothers in the work-force.

In other words, if these liberals really believe these things they’re saying about Sarah Palin, then that means that in their heart of hearts, they’re actually conservatives after all. Or else, they’re really, really, really bad hypocrites. I’m voting on the latter… with a strong dose of fear and disbelief at how strong of a candidate this conservative Republican vice presidential candidate is, and an over-arching desire at weakening her, regardless of what tactics they have to use to do it.


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