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SNL Sarah Palin – Hillary Clinton skit

Posted in politics by Kathy on September 24, 2008

Of course this is old news, but here’s the link to the clip on NBC. As you can tell from my other posts, I’m quite conservative, so of course I didn’t like all the digs at Sarah Palin, but I thought it was a funny skit, all in all. At least they did poke fun at Hillary, too, and wasn’t just a one-note anti-Palin drum. It was unfair — if you read the full transcript of the Charlie Gibson interview, paying special attention to what ABC left out, you’ll see that a lot of the digs against Palin were unfounded.

To name a few — the skit had Hillary saying, “I believe diplomacy is the foundation of” something — can’t remember quite exactly right now — international relations or something. ABC cut out most of the interview in which she talked about diplomacy and diplomatic efforts, making her look one-sided and quite hawkish.

They also poked fun at Gov. Palin for requesting clarification of “The Bush Doctrine” — which anybody who pays attention to politics knows there is no such thing as The Bush Doctrine, as there is (for example) a set definition for “The Monroe Doctrine.” I do think that Hillary would say that she disagrees with the Bush Doctrine, but, heck, that’s easy for her to say — it’s a reflex reaction: “Bush – bad!”

But I think they nailed HIllary on her feminist attitude which almost completely eliminates femininity in a search for “equality.” And I think it’s funny that Sarah Palin has gotten closer to the White House than Hillary has, while keeping her feminine charms intact, and not “scratching and clawing” her way to the top. As one of my favorite blogs puts it on occasion, when women fight using men’s tactics, they lose — even if they win, they lose.


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