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Stupid Meth-heads!

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on October 2, 2008

I’ve got a bad cold, and went to the store yesterday to get some Sudafed. I was shocked to find they took the Sudafed out of Sudafed! I used to work at a pharmacy, and I remember when my boss stopped stocking it out front in quantities of more than 24 or 12 (although we still carried larger bottles behind the counter, which we would sell to reputable people). Then he would only put out 1 or 2 boxes at a time, because people would come and buy all (6 or so) that we had. That was my first introduction to meth manufacturing. I don’t know what all goes into it, but I know pseudoephedrine is one ingredient. Now, thanks to the stupid druggies, it’s only available by signing for it, and pharmacies have to go through a certification process in order to sell it. And I went to the store before the pharmacy part opened, so I couldn’t get it. Chlorpheniramine is okay, but not as good as pseudoephedrine. So I sniffle and snort and I’ll get over it, but since I don’t take much medication at all, the fact that I was ready to take drugs means that my cold was pretty bad. Which means I actually needed it. And I couldn’t get it because of STUPID DRUG ADDICTS!

P.s., In spite of my rant, I’d rather be stuck with my symptoms if that reduces the production of meth. My little contribution to a drug-free (?) America. 🙂


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