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And this will help how??

Posted in politics by Kathy on October 9, 2008

Let me start by saying that all I know of this situation is in the small video clip that was on Yahoo news, so it’s just barely possible that I’m missing something here, but here goes…

In Gloucester, MA, there apparently was a “pregnancy pact” among several girls who intentionally got pregnant so that they could raise their children together. While some people put the number at 17, some of the girls are denying the pact. Ok, so some of the girls just screwed up while the others just screwed intentionally. So, the school board has voted unanimously to allow the school health offices to give out birth control packs, with parental consent.

Leaving aside whether or not handing out birth control to minors is a good idea or not (in my world, women have to go to doctors for such prescriptions, and undergo a physical examination prior to receiving artificial hormones, so I hope that they are at least not side-stepping this aspect… yet the idea of getting into stirrups in the school nurse’s office doesn’t exactly suit my fancy either, but anyway), exactly what did the school board think they were doing?! If girls decide they’re going to deliberately get pregnant, then — HELLO! — they’re not going to be taking birth control pills to try to prevent pregnancy! Can I get a nationwide, “DUH!” here?

Now, if they were force-feeding birth control pills to these girls, then that might accomplish their goal. But just because the pills are free and easily available doesn’t mean that girls who want to get pregnant will take them. Idiots!


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