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America will be attacked in the coming year

Posted in politics by Kathy on October 22, 2008

Anybody who has two brain cells to rub together should be able to see that. Seven years ago (let’s see, I woulda been about 24), when our country was attacked on Sept. 11, I quickly realized that the attack would have happened regardless of whether Bush or Gore had been elected in 2000. Not only was the attack planned for years, but the necessary training for the bastards terrorists who flew the planes took place over the course of more than a few months. Then I thought back to the two previous Presidents (I was only 4 when Reagan took office, but was 12 when George HW Bush took office, so remember the Gulf War clearly), and realized that both Bush and Clinton had also been tested — but not so spectacularly as W.

The first Pres. Bush had to deal with Saddam Hussein’s unprovoked take-over of Kuwait. Under Bill Clinton’s administration, the United States was attacked repeatedly — two attacks on the World Trade Center, an Embassy got bombed, as was the U.S.S. Cole. Clinton’s response was… well… let’s just say that it was about as effective as a harried mother telling her recalcitrant teenager for the umpteenth time, “Your curfew is midnight, so please try to make an effort to be in before then.” Which is why there were so many attacks, and why the attackers were emboldened to plot their successful take-down of the World Trade Center, as well as an attack on the Pentagon, murdering some 3,000 innocent people on the way.

There is no doubt in my mind that America will face another attack — and it didn’t take Joe Biden’s speech to help me figure that out. It was in some ways a refreshing piece of honesty for him to tell their backers that they know that Obama will be tested… but it was a little sickening to realize that they know he has little experience, and he will quite possibly be at the helm when the next attack comes. Of what value then will be Obama’s high and lofty promises about health care, tax cuts (or tax raises on a few individuals and most corportations… who will then have to raise costs for their goods or services and/or cut pay and benefits to continue to be profitable, or go out of business, which will then leave their workers with no pay nor benefits), or anything else he is currently saying? It’s already fiscally impossible for the majority of his socialistic plans to be put into action — the idiotic bail-out plan sucked out what money might have gone to that — but people are still voting for him because… why? I guess he’s more “positive” than McCain? Obviously, many people are left-leaning liberals who dislike John McCain, but they wouldn’t have voted for any Republican quasi-conservative anyway, so this isn’t talking about them. (The reverse is also true about conservatives.) This is about the undecided folks, or those that are leaning one way but may still be swayed another way.

America will be attacked in the coming year. Our enemies are real, and they’re out there, and they won’t be appeased by electing Barack Obama. They are not mad at us because of George Bush (HW or W). They attacked us when we had a liberal Democrat in office. They are mad at us because we are. We are Americans and freedom-loving people, and most these folks are Muslims, who if they are true to their Muslim faith despise democracy, and want Sharia law. There are a lot of American enemies who are not Muslim (China, for instance), and they hate democracy just as much, but for different reasons.

The one glimmer of hope from Biden’s speech is that it hinted that when America is attacked, that Obama will do something that will irritate the leftist liberals that were then in the room. I can only hope that that means he will respond like George Bush and go kick somebody’s butt (remember “Shock and Awe”?). Somehow I doubt that will be the response — he’ll probably be like Clinton, “Tut, tut, children, play nice, now.” Or send the police to round up terrorists. Remember when he refused to take Osama bin Laden into custody when it was offered? Somehow the folks that berate George Bush for not ferreting that rat out of his cave somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, we’re not really sure where, but we should be able to find that needle in a haystack because Bush is in office, forget that the rat was handed to Clinton on a silver platter and he declined. Which set us up for the Sept. 11 attacks.

Oh, yeah, America will be attacked in the next year or so, and who do you want to be Commander in Chief, charged with defending our sovereign land from those who wish us ill?



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