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How Independent are Vaccine Advocates?

Posted in autism, vaccines by Kathy on October 24, 2008

Not very.
This CBS investigative news story links the top vaccine defenders with the pharmaceutical companies who produce vaccines. While not all of the money that changes hands is public information, enough millions of dollars is known to make their claims of independence suspect.

If I come up with a product I dub “Vitamin X” and I produce all sorts of studies (funded by me and performed by me), and I declare that Vitamin X will protect you from illness and has no major side effects, would you believe me? What if I had a bunch of well-educated doctors (who had lots and lots of letters after their names and everything!) come out and back up my claims… and then you found out that I had personally financed the building of their latest office building, or that I personally funded their last five research projects? Would they be any more believable than me? What is the difference when it’s major corporations instead of lil ol’ me?


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