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I know why people believe in reincarnation

Posted in children by Kathy on October 28, 2008

Although I personally think it’s a bunch of poppycock, I see why some people believe it. My older son looks so much like his father, that it’s incredible — his mom says that looking at Keith running around and playing is like seeing Chuck as a little boy again. While he does have some of my facial features (a very few), his overall look is basically Chuck. And my younger son looks a whole lot like my dad’s baby pictures. I have some snapshots of my son, and I’ve seen similar photos of my dad (who died nearly ten years ago), and the resemblance is striking.

Just for what it’s worth, the phrase “spittin’ image” is a bastardization of the phrase “spirit and image” — meaning, of course, that one person (usually a child or grandchild) is exactly like another in both his face and personality.



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