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Australia declines residency to physician because his son has Down’s Syndrome

Posted in abortion by Kathy on October 31, 2008

Read all about it here.

See, this is one problem with socialized medicine. The doctor can presumably afford to pay for whatever medical care his son needs. But when all taxpayers are footing the bill for everyone’s care, suddenly the more-expensive become the unwanted. Apparently having Down Syndrome is an automatic rejection for residency in Australia. What next? forced abortions on women carrying affected fetuses? After all, if it’s “good public policy” to reject residency for people who may have health problems, why should they be allowed to be born at all?

Just because I’m on the subject of abortion and Australia, click here to see Gianna Jessen, who survived a prenatal attempt on her life — the doctor who performed the saline abortion on her had to sign her birth certificate, which specifies that she was born after a failed saline abortion — speak in Australia on the subject of abortion.


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