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Who are you voting for?

Posted in politics by Kathy on November 1, 2008

The election is nearly upon us, folks, and I’m fairly interested in it. Problem is, I don’t particularly like either of the main two candidates. I know a lot of folks in this position — in fact, most people I know are in this position. For some, Obama is not liberal enough, but he’s better than McCain; for others, McCain is not conservative enough, but he’s better than Obama. In general, most of the people I know are “holding their nose” while voting for the guy they dislike less. But there is another option — “none of the above” or one of the third-party candidates. To be honest, I don’t know how many votes any candidate would have to get in order to be considered “newsworthy.” I seem to remember that Ross Perot got a whopping 1% of votes, but I could be wrong. It may be that if all of the dissatisfied people vote for somebody — anybody — other than Obama or McCain that all of their votes will be added up together by somebody to show how dissatisfied they as a group were, even if no single candidate got more than a fraction of a percentage of the total. Nobody I know who is voting 3rd-party expects their candidate to win — they’re making a statement about their dissatisfaction in the main choices. Rather than voting for “the lesser of two evils”, or abstaining altogether, they’re voting for someone who they do agree with, even if s/he has zero chance of actually winning.


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  1. spiderperson said, on November 1, 2008 at 3:23 am

    I voted against Obama. The best vote against Obama is a vote for McCain.

    I like America, that is why I immigrated here from Europe. USA is not perfect, but it is still the best country to live in. I do not want it to be “fundamentally changed” as Obama promised it today.

  2. Bryant Arms said, on November 1, 2008 at 4:26 am

    Ross Perot spoiled the election for the Republicans by splitting their supporters. Some say Ralph Nader did the same thing to the Democrats when Bush Jr won in 2000. I think people are worried of spoiling the election for their lesser of two evils this time around. Promoting a third party to dominant status will have to wait until after this election.

    After this election people should be encouraged to re-register with third parties. And they should be encuraged to only vote for third party candidates during the mid-term elections. And then do the same thing again four years from now. That shouldn’t be too hard to do since the Democrats are almost certainly going to disappoint the public the way the ‘Republican Revolution’ has disappointed so many people.

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