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I’m in shock!

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on November 11, 2008

My husband bought a digital camera through ebay — used, so it was a good price for the camera; canon, so it fit the lens of our film camera. It was supposed to arrive today via UPS. I waited around all day for it, because a signature was required (it finally arrived just a few minutes ago — about 4:15). When I took the package from the guy, I couldn’t believe how light it was — it felt like there was nothing in there. And there wasn’t!!! The only thing in there was a sheet of bubble wrap. My mind just can’t quite comprehend it. I’m hoping it was an oversight, but how do you accidentally forget to put a camera into a box, and not notice at some point during the intervening 5 days that the camera is still in your house?? I paid through PayPal so I assume there is some sort of fraud thing that will refund me my money if the seller doesn’t come through. I hope. My gut feeling is that the guy will come through — that as weird as it may be, it was an oversight — maybe he took the camera out to check something before the auction was over and forgot to put it back, and just sealed up the box, forgetting that it wasn’t in there? I’m hoping. But how do you take an empty box that is supposed to weigh just over a pound and not notice that it weighs nothing??

And of course, I signed for the package and opened it, so where is the proof that I did in fact not get the camera? Just my word. Will that suffice? Maybe the UPS guy will remember me and remember that the box was awfully light? (Yeah, I’ve been accused of being optimistic. But what other alternative is there? If the pessimistic view is correct, why should I borrow that trouble before I have to?)


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