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Digital Camera update

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on November 12, 2008

Well, I was a bit optimistic that the empty box that was delivered yesterday that should have contained my digital camera was a complete oversight by the seller; but it was not as pessimistic as him just screwing me over. He lives in Georgia and sent it via UPS, and when it was sitting in the Atlanta facility over the weekend, apparently one of the workers stole the camera box out of the shipping box and taped it back up.

When I got the package, I noticed it seemed light, and as I carried it into the house, I began thinking that it was not just “light” but too light. Opening it up, I realized with a sinking feeling I was right. I immediately emailed the seller, and he called back within an hour. The seller was just a “regular Joe” — not a business with thousands of items. He had 100% positive feedback since ’99 with over 100 transactions, so I had and have no reason to suspect he would cheat me.

Anyway, he called me and we talked for a bit, and he said that he took the box himself to the UPS store where it was weighed in (at 3 lbs plus), and he had the paperwork showing that it did weigh that much. We ended up talking a couple of times, and we’re working to fix this. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, so I’m not sure what to do. I talked to a guy at PayPal, and he said I needed to initiate a claim through PayPal, and suggested I call the credit card company as well to contest the charge (tell them that I didn’t receive the item that was charged to the account). I didn’t want to “start a claim” because that sounds like he was the cause of the problem. Apparently (fortunately!) theft from the shipper is so rare it doesn’t have its own FAQ. I can’t start a claim through eBay until 10 days after the close of auction, to “give me time to receive the package” in case it was misdirected. There isn’t a link for “I received the box but the item wasn’t in there.” Sigh…

So, last night, I called the credit card company, and talked to a guy who obviously didn’t speak English as his first language. If you’ve watched the movie Hitch, this guy’s accent was like Will Smith’s character’s doorman, Raul, but worse. I had a hard time understanding him, and I’m not totally sure he understood me. He told me that the transaction hadn’t posted yet. At the time, I thought he was saying that the statement hadn’t closed and I would have to wait until the end of this posting period to contest it. Now, I think he was looking for an item transaction called “ebay” or “paypal”; but the transaction was listed under the seller’s name. The credit card employee never asked me what the transaction was or how much it was or anything — just said, “It’s not on here.” I’m going to call in a few minutes and see if I can get an American, so I don’t have to talk slowly and in small words to be understood — and more importantly, so I can understand what s/he is saying without having to translate through the thick accent.

We’ll see what happens…


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