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Stem Cells save woman’s leg

Posted in politics, Uncategorized by Kathy on November 24, 2008

Let me rephrase that:

Adult stem cells save woman’s leg

With all the furor over embryonic stem cells — which requires the destruction of a genetically unique human life — but with little or nothing to show for it, it makes one wonder why the media has downplayed the great advances made in adult stem cell research, such as the above, and saving a woman’s trachea, which I blogged about a few days ago.

Unfortunately, I know the reason why.

It’s the same reason that whenever a Republican has the slightest hiccup of ethical proportions (and some pretty darn major ones too, I grant), it is published far and wide, and every headline (and quite a few times within the article), the editors trumpet, “Republican Governor…” or “Republican Senator…” or whatever. But whenever a Democrat screws up the same or many times even worse, his political party or affiliation is mentioned only briefly, and almost never in the headline. Usually, you’ll see it buried deep in the article, one time after his or her name (D), and that’s about it.

The mainstream media doesn’t want people to realize that embryonic stem cell research is barking up the wrong tree, so when stem-cell therapy is successful (which happens with adult stem cells, and not so much if at all with stem cells taken from embryos), they will minimize the story, or similarly bury in the details of the story that those stem cells were taken from adults, without killing them. But when Michael J. Fox or the late Christopher Reeve get in front of Congress or give interviews or make commercials promoting embryonic stem cell research, it is heavily promoted. That leaves the impression that embryonic stem cell research is the only kind of stem cell research underway; and that stem cells can only be taken from embryos by killing them. Just the same way that shouting “Republican Congressman Mr. So-and-so” from the headlines while whispering “Gov. Spitzer (D-NY)” somewhere in the small print gives the impression that Republicans are more corrupt than Democrats. By the laws of fairness or odds, about half the time a story breaks that some politician is involved in some scandal, the headlines should equally shout or be silent about the political affiliation of said politician. When the headlines are silent about the the political affiliation of said scandalous politician, someone who only reads the headlines or skims the article may be apprised of the fact that the politician is scum deserving to be thrown out of office, but may not realize the political affiliation, and could easily presume that it’s 50/50. But if 100% of all headlines that don’t say the political affiliation of the scandalous politician are about a Democrat, and 100% of all headlines that do day the affiliation of the Republican, then the balance is skewed. Even if Republicans and Democrats are equally scummy, immoral, unethical, etc., if the Republicans take the rap for 100% of their own faults plus half of the faults of the Democrats, then the Democrats only get 25% of the “scandal points,” leading people to believe that they have the moral high ground. Which is bull.


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