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Miracle in Euthanasia Case

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on November 26, 2008

I’d never heard of this story, until it came over the OneNewsNow update. In short, a young woman had a heroin overdose (while pregnant), was declared to be in a persistent vegetative state (due to oxygen deprivation) and was kept alive until the baby was born (healthy little girl). Her divorced parents had a difference of opinion — her father wanted to keep her alive, noting that she had already improved to the point where she just needed a feeding tube; her mother wanted to remove the feeding tube and let her die, saying she had already “died” mentally, and wanted to let her body follow. Here is an article from their local paper, as it stood at the first of this year. Now, the update. Briefly, the mother has become a born-again Christian and has had a change of heart in more ways than one. She now sees her daughter as living and responsive:

Lauren’s mother became a born-again Christian and visited her daughter at her hospital facility, which Bowman believes was quite eye-opening. “And then an amazing thing happened,” he notes. “She told Lauren that Lauren would be cared for, and Lauren started crying, and they cried together and she realized that her daughter was really there and was really responding.”

Lauren was also responding to pain, music, family members’ voices, touch, and assisted exercise. The parents have agreed to settle the case and share joint guardianship of Lauren.

So, she wasn’t “persistent vegetative” after all, I guess?


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