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My kids, the snakes

Posted in children by Kathy on December 4, 2008

No, I don’t really have snakes at all, especially as pets, and most especially would I not call them “my kids”! This is how my kids are like snakes:

When I make food, I expect my children to eat it, because I am not going to make something different for them to eat — that’s a bad habit to get into! So, when I make something for lunch or supper that they don’t particularly care for, they eat what’s on their plate (barely!) and no more. A lot of times I offer them seconds (and sometimes I’ll offer them something like a PB&J which they love, or a piece of fruit or something), but of course they don’t want it. Every so often, I’ll make them something that they absolutely love. Last night was one of those occasions.

I make my mom’s recipe for soft taco shells (which are made from a batter, not stiff like store-bought flour or corn tortillas; my older son calls them “squishy tacos”). They are about the diameter of pancakes, but thin. My older son ate 6-8 of them, while my younger son probably ate 5-6. I didn’t count, but it seemed like I was making them all the time!  [I take a taco, put a little seasoned meat on it, some cheese, homemade taco sauce, and lettuce. My husband doesn’t like the sauce, and puts our homemade salsa on it and usually some sour cream. Of course, you could put whatever you want on it, but we don’t particularly care for olives, bell peppers, etc. on it.]

Anyway, all our family likes it, and my sons are like snakes — they gorge themselves on tacos and then don’t want to eat for days. [exaggeration!]


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