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Planned Parenthood covers up child abuse, child rape, and coaches kids on crossing states lines to obtain an abortion without parental consent

Posted in abortion, sex offenders by Kathy on December 8, 2008

Reading some of the comments after this was part refreshing and part annoying. Some commenters seemed to suggest that since the woman was merely “posing” as a 13-year-old, and not actually thirteen years of age, that this PP nurse did nothing wrong in what she did — which was to say “I didn’t hear his age” after the girl said the baby’s father was 31, and told the girl that since she was just 13 she would have to report her case to Child Protective Services because it was child abuse and child rape (proving that this nurse was not ignorant of the law, although she more or less showed she had no problem with ignoring the law), and coached her to say that the father was “a boy at school” in the same grade with her, “problem solved.” Then because the girl was underage, and didn’t want to tell her parents (a requirement in Indiana in underage abortions — as it well should be, because this is a medical procedure performed on a minor — we can’t even freakin’ give Tylenol at schools to a minor without parental consent!!), the nurse showed her (but did not tell her) the name of a clinic in Illinois where she could obtain an abortion without parental consent.

It does not matter what the girl or woman’s actual age was. The nurse accepted that she was 13, and without batting an eye told her how to circumvent the law. When police officers set up stings in chat rooms hoping to nab adults who want to have sex with minors (as seen on Dateline with some frequency — one guy was even caught twice!), the police officers are not actually under 18. Probably a great many of them are actually men, instead of teenage girls. But what matters is what the perps think the person’s age is. Same thing here.

This nurse got disciplined, but do you really think it’s an isolated incident?


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