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Spellcheck, people!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on December 29, 2008

I am greatly distressed by the high level of spelling and grammar problems that I see on a frequent basis. Even in some online article published by people who should know better — like the Associated Press, who should only hire journalists who can write proficiently, and should definitely have editors that can catch typographical errors should they occur — I have seen some egregious spelling errors. It really ticks me off when people with whom I associate have poor spelling and grammar because I feel like it’s a black eye on the entire association. I’ve seen this in numerous groups, and I don’t know which is worse, people who have slight errors and don’t realize it, or people who have huge errors and realize it but don’t do anything about it. In some ways, the worst are those people who have huge errors and don’t appear to know or even care. It almost always lowers my estimation of a person to see them make such errors. I know that not everyone (and I include myself) can always type with perfection, and I don’t expect them to — an occasional typographical error (leaving off a letter or accidentally typing it twice, or transposing two letters) is only to be expected. But I’m more talking about just plain ignorance. It really gripes me with women who homeschool their children, because they are teaching their children, supposedly, how to do things right, and if they don’t know how to use correct spelling and grammar, how can their children be any better? It gripes me as much with teachers who also don’t know any better, but I don’t get to see them as often, and it doesn’t stand out when public-school kids spell poorly, while it does reflect on home-schooled kids.

What started this rant was an email I received on my local “cheapcycle” group (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s an offshoot of the “freecycle” group, where people give away things they no longer have use for, rather than tossing them; cheapcycle is where you sell these items rather than giving them away), containing so many errors it was disgusting. Here is most of the original post:

**All games have everyhing that goes with them and they are in good

-I have an older three speed ceilling fan.. It is a good size and not a
cheap o= 20.00

-I have a hope chest that has great markeing of chinesse people and
there life all over it. I do have a pic. It make a great converstion
peace and looks geat as a coffe table or at the end of the bed or where
ever= 25.00

-I also have a Panasonic CD player that is sliver in color the speakers
are detachable so you can put them anywhere and the front of the cd
player folds up where you put the cd into. It also has am fm radio and
a remote with it. Works great and has great sound= 30.00

**If you think pirces are to high just tell me and lets make a deal**

Now let me comment, in order — “everyhing” should be “everything”; “fan..” should be “fan.”; “cheap o” should be “cheap one”; “markeing” should be “marking”; “chinesse” should be “Chinese”; “there life” should be “their life”; “converstion” should be “conversation”; “peace” should be “piece”; “geat” should be “great”; “coffe” should be “coffee”; “where ever” should be “wherever”; “sliver” should be “silver”; there needs to be a comma or two in that sentence as well; “am fm” should be am/fm”; “pirces” should be “prices”; “to high” should be “too high” and “lets” should be “let’s”.

Any single error is not too egregious, but when you put them all together…


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  1. Robin said, on December 30, 2008 at 1:05 am

    Freecycle/Cheapcycle posts always make me wince!

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