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Warming up to Global Cooling

Posted in politics, Uncategorized by Kathy on December 31, 2008

I’m not totally sure how exactly to take this editorial — it seems a tad… schizophrenic?… at times. It goes into a bit of detail showing how that sunspots are active in the global warming/cooling cycle the earth has experienced in all of recorded history (from another source, I know they look at ancient Chinese records and old European records, which of course don’t have thermometer readings, but do have observations about things like communion wine freezing in the bottle in a church in January in England — that’s cold!). So, that part I agree with, but then he quotes some researchers — a tad disdainfully, though, I think — that are still trying to keep alive the notion that man is the cause of global warming and/or global cooling. He quotes without totally disagreeing with them, much less attempting to disprove them. While he seems not to agree with him, he doesn’t refute them either, which makes me wonder whether he does agree with them after all. Anyway, there is a lot of evidence to show that sunspots have a lot more to do with the temperature on earth than anything man can do; so until we can start controlling the sun, I think we’re a little outta luck when it comes to trying to control global warming, or global cooling.


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