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Death of a Ladybug

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on February 6, 2009

The other day, I watched a ladybug die. We have several invade our house in the fall, and every now and again find a few here and there, but this particular one was interesting.

This bug was on my desk, just beside my keyboard, on its back, slowly kicking its hind legs. Knowing it was probably about to die, and wanting to help it, I gently flipped it over onto its front, so that it perhaps would not die.

Well, as I sat here reading my emails and stuff, I kept glancing at the little bug, and very soon after I had flipped it over on its front, it had flipped itself back over. Its hind legs were still twitching a bit, but its front legs were already folded in the death prayer. After another few minutes, the hind legs had all stopped moving and likewise folded themselves into the death prayer.

I don’t know why bugs always die on their backs, nor why they fold their legs; but even when given the opportunity to die facing down, they still face up. Weird.

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