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“I hope he fails” part 2

Posted in politics by Kathy on February 10, 2009

Previously, I blogged about Rush Limbaugh’s statement in regards to Pres. Obama: “I hope he fails.” While I don’t retract anything I said, I just had a thought about it, and wanted to delve a little deeper.

I hope Obama does not succeed in getting his very liberal views and ideals passed into law.  But that does not mean that I want Obama to fail at being a President — I just want him to “succeed” in ways that are more conservative than he has ever been. Here are some things I hope he succeeds in:

  • getting America even safer than we were under Pres. Bush
  • winning the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and keeping our troops safe while so doing (hey, let’s threaten to nuke Mecca if they don’t come to peace!)
  • curbing the recession without broadening the expanse of government (yeah, I know — pipe dream!)
  • reducing the size of government and especially the scope of taxes, so that there is more money for individuals to do what they want — including things like buy their own houses and actually be able to pay for them, purchase cars and other large items, purchase other necessities and “toys” if they want them, and even be able to give charitably if they so choose

I hope he does not succeed in passing this horrendous stimulus package. Here’s a better idea.


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