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ARGH!! You don’t *need* a MoonBounce!

Posted in Uncategorized by Kathy on October 13, 2009

Yes, another rant about the people on the local cheapcycle/freecycle networks! Grrrr….

Someone just posted that her kids’ birthdays are in early December, and she’s going to have a birthday party at her church and “really really needs” a MoonBounce and would like to borrow one, since she would be charged $150 to rent one for three hours. Then she says that “only about four little kids” will be on it.

I can understand her not wanting to pay the money. I wouldn’t want to pay it either, which is why I wouldn’t rent one either. But I can clearly distinguish between a  “want” and a “need.” If only about four children will be on it, why get it at all? She seems to be throwing a party for her two children — is she saying that in addition to her two children, there will be only two other children at the party? Seems unlikely. Perhaps her children are twins, born just before and just after midnight, so they are just one year/old, or in some other way will not be among those jumping; perhaps most of the other invited guests are likewise very young children, so only four 3-y/o or higher will be there? Possible. Yet she not just “needs” but “really really needs” a MoonBounce? For four children to amuse themselves? Good grief!

Perhaps she was implying that she’d police the MoonBounce to make sure that no more than four children were on at a time — but that wasn’t what she said. And even if she had 30 children, a MoonBounce cannot, under any stretch of the imagination, be considered a need!


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