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The Tebow Ad

Posted in abortion, Christianity by Kathy on February 6, 2010

Just a quick post because it was on my mind.

I’ve read some of the controversy surrounding the “Focus on the Family” ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mom who made the decision not to have an abortion when she was pregnant with him. Some of what I’ve read has been positive, some has been negative.

What I don’t like a lot about the “negative” comments is from the supposedly “pro-choice” people who seem to be vastly upset about the choice Mrs. Tebow made. Even some of their own have said that this attitude makes them look merely pro-abortion, rather than the “pro-choice” position they claim to have. Not all of the negative comments have been like that; and there was even at least one positive article about the ad (and Tim Tebow in particular) from someone who called herself pro-choice.

But here’s what really bothers me — the ad is fine and I have no problems with it, but since I’m pro-life, you would probably expect that. What bothers me about ads during sporting events is that so many of them feature women as just eye candy, and the more scantily clad, the better. I don’t particularly like most sports, but really don’t like watching the games because of all the half-naked women and suggestive situations in so many of the commercials. Practically soft porn, in many instances.

I wish that NOW and all the rest of the feminists and others who have gotten themselves worked up into a fury about Mrs. Tebow’s choice would direct a bit of that energy into decrying the raunchy advertisements that denigrate women and in so doing belittle men. In both instances, these make people to be somewhat less than whole people — making women to be just bodies rather than women with feelings, and men to be little better than animals guided solely by sexual passions.


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