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Posted in abortion, forgiveness by Kathy on February 18, 2008

In reading other wordpress blogs, I’ve come across several that speak of abortion. Someone commented on the latest one, asking if Christians are supposed to be pro-life and against abortion, what should be their attitude towards women who have abortions? He mentioned a lady who chose an abortion, and her pro-life friend unsuccessfully tried to talk her out of it, but their friendship was so close that the pro-life friend accompanied the other woman to the abortion clinic and held her hand while she had the abortion. I thought about going on that blog and talking to that person, but decided that it might bother the blog owner, so that’s why I’m writing it here.

If abortion is murder (which it is), then the bonds of friendship should not extend to condoning murder. What if a woman had a 3-month-old baby and suddenly lost her job, and the baby became a huge financial strain on her, or maybe he was diagnosed with a genetic disease, so the mom decided the best thing for everybody involved was for the child to die, so she smothered or drowned him? What if a woman just decided to kill her husband or boyfriend? Should her friends support her decision, and even help her commit the crime or help to cover it up? Should her friend drive the get-away car after she shoots her husband in the head? Ridiculous, you say? What’s the difference?

What should be Christians’ attitude towards those who have had abortions? Well, the crime is against the dead baby and God, not against us. It is unfortunately legal, so there are no criminal repercussions against these mothers. As always, we must look to the Bible for our answers. What does the Bible say about those who have sinned? Well, we are not to personally hold things against people. In 1 or 2 Corinthians, Paul tells his readers that a whole long list of people won’t go to heaven, including murderers and adulterers, but says, “such were some of you,” but continues that they have been bought by Christ, and washed in His blood, so they are free from the sin-stains. If a murderer sought forgiveness for his crime, our reaction must be not to hold it against him. We have committed sins as well that we wish to be forgiven from, and have been forgiven by God of; so we are not allowed to personally hold vengeance against anyone.

I look at this in two ways–on a personal level, I must not hold a grudge or a grievance against anyone; but on a political level, I must do what I can to stop the injustice against children that occurs every day. As a group, I am bound by the laws of decency and truth to call abortion murder, and women and doctors who participate in abortion murderers. Yet Ted Bundy, the notorious serial rapist and killer, was regenerated and converted prior to his execution. If he can find peace in God, so can others. It is not up to me to punish them. They must live with their own consciences. If I am right in my beliefs (which are founded upon the Bible), then if a person belongs to Christ, then He paid for their sins; and if he doesn’t, then he will pay for his sins in hell, which is a far worse punishment than any amount of animosity or revenge in this world can be. So, there is no point in harboring ill-will or resentment against anyone (especially the penitent)…. although we should be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves,” so we don’t need to throw out our good God-given sense in any of life’s situations.