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I love my Furi knives!!

Posted in Furi knives by Kathy on February 16, 2008

To tell the full story, I have to back up to about a year and a half ago. I was visiting my sister-in-law and she had one of the Rachael Ray knives, and I used it and said, “Wow!” So I mentioned it to my husband, suggesting that he tell his dad that I would rather have a really good knife as a Christmas present than the jewelry or clothes he normally gets me. Now, remember he only had a full year to do that! What my husband heard instead was, “I’d like for you to buy me a knife for Christmas.” He never mentioned it to his dad. So, I got a lovely bracelet from my father-in-law.

We visited my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving, and went to Tuesday Morning that Friday. While we were there, we saw the set of two East-West knives in a bamboo case, and it was only about $60! The cheapest we’d seen it online was about $100, and we’d have to pay shipping on top of it. So we of course got it. We used them that day to make salsa, and they were magnificent! They are so much better than the cheap knives we’ve got, it’s like the difference between black-and-white and color TV. They are fabulous! The only problem with them is that I have to be careful not to chop a finger off! (I’ve already cut my fingernails several times on them, but fortunately have not yet sliced skin.)

Before I had them, I thought that the chefs you see on TV chop so quickly and easily simply because they are more talented or have more experience than I do. Now I realize that these knives are worth the money! Holding it in your hand, it just feels great. Heavy but weightless, if that makes any sense. You can tell that you have a substantial knife in your hand, but they are perfectly balanced with a weight on the tail of the knife, so they are practically effortless. As we have other gift-giving occasions, and run across great deals, and have extra money, I’m going to get my husband to get me some more of these knives. My mother-in-law loves them too and wants to get a carving set. I’ve let my mother and sisters use them, and everybody has the same reaction: they take the knife into their hand, say, “hmm, this feels good,” then they take the carrot and chop, and whip their heads over to look at me, with an “Oh, WOW!” expression on their faces. It’s universal. Everybody’s hooked! But I’m the only one who has them! 🙂

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