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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggeddy-Jig

Posted in selling our home, vacation by Kathy on July 11, 2008

We’ve been home for several days, but I’ve been catching up with stuff, so haven’t been blogging.

First, there was the massive pile of laundry, which has been mostly tamed (I’ve gotten all of it done except what we’ve accumulated since coming home); and all the cleaning and putting away of stuff after a trip (including what was left out in a hurry and jumbled mess when we left); and dealing with two little kids who have been allowed to watch a lot of TV while on vacation, which we don’t have at home.

We’ re also going to be trying to sell our house, so I’ve been trying to purge stuff. Since my husband doesn’t like to get rid of stuff, even if he doesn’t use it now, hasn’t used it in 5 years, and probably won’t ever use it, purging is a bit of a problem. But the house needs to look neat and tidy (perhaps at a moment’s notice), and that can’t happen with overflowing bookshelves and piles of stuff everywhere. So, into boxes and into our storage shed it goes! I can’t be as ruthless as I’d like, but it’s a start.

Depending on what size house we move to, we may or may not have to get rid of stuff. Part of our current problem is that we have three small closets in our house (2 in my room and 1 in the boys’ room) and 2 larger closets (under the stairs and in the upstairs hall). So, all the stuff we’re not currently using (including winter clothes and suitcases, as examples), must try to fit in there, or else be out in plain sight. Since we’ve got a spare room, we put most of the stuff in there, but that looks messy when trying to sell a house. Our condo that we lived in when we were first married was pretty small, but had great closets, so all of our “stuff” was out of sight. We now have more stuff (two kids and all that), and a larger house, but in some ways, I feel more cramped for space — storage space!

So, our next place can be small with big closets, and we’d be better off than we currently are. Part of our current problem is the lack of storage, so I feel like we need to keep everything out as much as possible — since it’s going to be out one way or another anyway, why not? Knick-knacks in a box take up storage space, but knick-knacks on a shelf or a desk don’t. But then they’re out in plain view, whether I even like the object or not. Since my husband wants to keep them, I choose the latter… but for the time being, may go with the former.

More details of our trip in a future post. 🙂